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Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits

Storm Damage E-Cover

Chasing Hail Storms For Profits

Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits: Learn how to make money Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits Hi, my name is Samuel Stinson I was a licensed insurance adjuster in the State of Kentucky for many years who also used to be a professional storm contractor for 15 years..

Today I’d like to tell you how I earned a six-figure income in around six months every year without fail by repairing hail damaged homes and commercial properties.

If you’re looking for a legitimate business, hail storm damage roof repair is a great business!

You will be helping people while you are making an excellent income.

Chasing Storms for Big Profits

You can start a highly profitable six-figure storm damage repair business at no cost to the insured and, you’ll be charging exactly what insurance companies are paying.

It’s a known fact that hail causes approximately 1 billion dollars annually in damage in the United States alone to houses,cars, crops, commercial buildings, and everything in its path.

You can easily earn six figures annually Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits!


Learn how to make as much money as you want today by helping other people restore their homes and commercial properties.

Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits. This hail storm damage residential repair is a proven business model that will guide you through starting a highly profitable storm damage repair business.

Not only that, you will learn how you’ll be able to do this at no cost to the insured except for their already agreed upon insurance deductible.. You will learn how to make 20 percent above the final contract price if you buy Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits!

Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits
Chasing Hail Storms For Profits

Not only that, this storm damage repair system works for all insurance claims such as flood; fire tornadoes and hurricanes and, I was able to do this without completing any of the repairs myself.

You can be successful with little to no experience.

The faster you act, the faster you can make an excellent income Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits.

Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits
Chasing Hail Storms For Profits

Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits also works with,

Wind damage such as Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Getting contracts is not hard at all when you charge exactly what the insurance companies are paying.

Before I started chasing hail storms for profits, I gave a homeowner an estimate for 100 dollars a square. That was the going price back then. The insurance company quickly denied my estimate saying I was charging too much. I told them that that was the going rate for roof replacement.
After discussing it further with the adjuster, I found It was because it was not properly itemized and was not submitted on the correct form.

I quickly discovered that insurance companies were paying much more than I was charging homeowners to complete the same repairs.

In fact, when a hail storm cause damage in my city I learned that after itemizing the same estimate they would not only approve the estimate but they paid twice as much as my original estimate was.

You see, many years ago, I discovered a secret how that insurance companies really want their estimates to be itemized , and submitted in a certain way as well as, submitted on forms other than a standard contract. And, contract itemizing = faster approval on the claims! With this knowledge you can make money anytime storms damage property.

Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits! Cha-ching, storm damage repair income was paying twice as much as I was charging!

You will be able to make very good money Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits!

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Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits
Chasing Hail Storms For Profits
Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits
Chasing Hail Storms For Profits

How To Make Money Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits

If you would like to make money from hail storms and do the same thing, I’ll let you buy a copy of my Excel insurance claim estimate writing software and e-book that will tell you everything I know which will give you all the necessary tools you need to let you make six figures in about six months anytime storms damage properties.

A Look Inside The E-Book:

  • Links to websites to help you locate damage areas.
  • Links to hail reports & hail maps
  • Where to buy yard signs
  • What forms to use and how to submit claims to insurance companies on, forms already loaded inside the software.

Best way to find out what insurance companies are paying and how to handle the claims, submitting claims to insurance companies..

A look Inside The Software

The software keeps a running total for you so, all you have to do is enter your quantities and press tab. The software will immediately calculate the totals after pressing tab.

All you will have to do to get work is just tell people that you can do all of their repairs for exactly what their insurance companies pay at no cost to them except for their insurance deductible.The forms are already loaded in the software with the exact wording that I personally used myself that makes it nearly impossible for property owners not to sign up with you and let you complete their repairs..

You can stand out from your competitors by adding a picture of the property to your estimate and completing your estimates at the properties Chasing Hail Storms For Big Profits.

Average Hail Claims:

Average homeowner hail claims range from $7,500. to $15,000.00 and, commercial claims can easily exceed $100,000.00. Not to mention you will learn how to get insurance companies to pay you an additional 10 percent overhead and 10 percent profit above the final contract price whenever 3 or more trades are damaged.

You will soon see that hail chasing storm for big profits is an awesome way to make money from hail storms

Understanding ACV and Replacement Cost Policies.

You will be dealing with 2 policy types. ACV and Replacement Cost policies. Replacement cost policies will pay the entire replacement cost – the deductible. Whereas, ACV policies are paid depreciated value.

ACV stands for actual cash value.

An example of this is: a roof claim for a 20 year shingle roof that is 10 years old would be depreciated by 50 percent. So if you have a $4,000.00 dollar roof claim insurance companies will only pay $ 2,000.00 minus the deductible. If the insured had a $500 deductible they would only be paid $1,500.00 even though there roof will cost $4,000.00 to replace.

Unlike replacement cost policies, which pay the replacement cost less the deductible, depreciation on ACV policies are NON Recoverable.

Policy types and how to handle them are explained in more detail in the e-book.

This is a legitimate way to make an excellent storm damage repair income!

Don’t be fooled by the low discounted price. Price may increase without notice.

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How To Become An Insurance Claim Specialist Contractor

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